GenV IWG75 Twin Port Nissan GTR R35 Black 14 PSI


GenV IWG75 Twin Port Nissan GTR R35 Black 14 PSI

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SKU: TS-0615-7143
Turbosmart GenV Twin Port Wastegate Actuators are an evolution of our traditional IWG75 series that now benefits from the Award Winning GenV technology. The GenV Twin Port Internal Wastegate Actuators feature upgraded internals including Nitronic Guide, Hard Chromed Intermediate Rod which is mated to a proprietary swivel joint system which provides more stroke with less dynamic offset resulting in improved lower chamber seal for unequalled true twin chamber actuation range and control.

Turbosmart Upgraded Wastegate Actuators have been developed to provide maximum possible boost response for your factory frame turbocharger. The Turbosmart IWG75 Series of upgraded Actuators benefit from an increased 'Working Ratio' over the factory equipment resulting in improved boost response, throughout the RPM range.

This Improved 'working ratio' is achieved through an increase to the effective surface area of the diaphragm & revisions to the actual springs fitted resulting in greater leverage of the forces the actuator is working against (boost and backpressure) while still being super-responsive. 

Available In
GenV Twin Port (Standard Cap) 14 psi / 1.0 BAR: TS-0615-7143
GenV Twin Port   (Sensor Cap): 14 psi / 1.0 BAR: TS-0615-7144

Key Features
1/8 NPT Reference Ports 
Optional (HE) Hall Effect, Non-Contact Sensor
True Twin Port Control for a wide 'Tuning Window'
Hard chromed Intermediate rod & nitride guide
Class Leading Fatigue Resistance and Control
Spring Options from 5psi to 26psi (Included)
Turbosmart Unique Locking Collar System
Stainless Steel Rods and Clevis

The 7 psi version is a direct replacement for the factory item. All other versions will require tuning / calibration of your engines ECU.

This is a bolt on fitment for the turbochargers as fitted factory to the VR38 3.8 Liter Twin Turbo  Powered Nissan GT-R R35 from 2007 - 2021.