BOSCH 0 580 254 044 EXT 60MM E85 EFI


BOSCH 0 580 254 044 EXT 60MM E85 EFI

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SKU: EFP-016
Electric Fuel Pump
200 Litres @ 5 Bar, Inlet: M18 X 1.5, Outlet: M12 X 1.5, Max HP 650

Bosch Fuel Pump Features:

There are a wide range of Bosch universal electric fuel pumps available from Bosch, to replace the previous range of 72 electric fuel pumps. One part set makes this possible - each of these electric fuel pumps is supplied with a parts set and easy-to-follow installation instruction. These make the universal program from Bosch

In Bosch quality
These are the criteria which count in electric fuel pumps:

  • highest degree of functional reliability
  • meeting all requirements for original equipment
  • long service life
  • low noise
  • optimal fuel-delivery quantity
  • highest operational reliability during hot-fuel delivery
  • high degree of interference suppression