Barrel Hardware Clamp
Barrel Hardware Clamp


Barrel Hardware Clamp

Sale price$19.99 AUD
Size:91-98mm / 3.75"
Premium Turbosmart Quick Release Barrel Hose Clamp -  4.00" / 98-105mm (to suit most 3.75" pipe + silicon hose assemblies)

Turbosmart Quick Release Barrel Clamps can be handle much higher tension / loads than traditional screw-type band clamps and have an in-built fastener bridge for a stronger, more reliable even distribution of clamping force, ensuring maximum life from your silicon. With the added benefit of having a quick release mechanism, saving time when removing & replacing the clamp. This style of clamp is the ideal solution for reliably clamping silicone hoses for any application.

Quick Release Mechanism for Faster R&R
In-built fastener bridge for even clamping load
Quality Stainless Steel Construction